Deb Orosz,  MS, CNS, C.D.-N., 500 E-RYT

Deb has been practicing yoga for over twenty years and considers yoga a way of life.  She completed her 500 hr RYT certification at Sacred Rivers Yoga and her 200 hour certification in the Iyengar Style Yoga, which focuses on the anatomical alignment of the muscles in the poses.  Deb is also certified through YogaFit and doTerra Aromatouch therapies.  She is a certified Reiki Master in the Usui tradition.  Deb is intuitive and compassionate and has been inspired by many great Yogis and seeks to combine her favorite aspects of different types of yoga into her inspirational, heartfelt practices.  She believes in the power of yoga to heal the mind and spirit through movement and meditation. 


Deb holds a Master of Science degree in Nutrition with Integrative Health and Herbal Medicine and an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering and is applying her knowledge of chemistry to the effects of nutrition on the body.   Deb is a board certified and Connecticut licensed dietitian/nutritionist.  She is particularly interested in how nutrition and herbs can be used to promote health and heal chronic disease.  She custom blends herbal wellness teas for clients and serves these before yoga class.  She is also available for herbal wellness consults and can recommend custom herbal blends for clients.


Deb is committed to providing each student with tools that will enable them to find more peace, health, and a better understanding of themselves.   


Yoga, nutrition, and herbs have been a great support for Deb in her own life and she loves to show others the possibilities.  She has used her practice to help manage all aspects of her life, from career to relationships.  Before committing to her passion full time, she held a long career in corporate America as a chemical engineer for 28 years and has three amazing grown children.  Yoga has helped her manage the stress of juggling a career and raising her three children as a young widow.  She has a deep understanding of using holistic health practices for grief and mental health.  Deb credits her yoga practice with helping her to keep her heart open and living a healthy, connected life.

Ann Brieck, 200 RYT

Ann has a deep love of yoga.  She has had many teachers guide her through life and given her uncountable gifts.  She brings over 2 decades of yoga practice and a deep understanding of anatomy to her yoga classes.  Her teaching style strives to create a fun and supportive experience, while integrating an understanding of body mechanics, breathing and philosophy to bridge the student’s studio experience into daily life.   Ann likes to teach a class gentle vinyasa class designed to build strength and balance.  She also has created a workshop on foundational yoga designed to prepare new and beginning students to feel more confident in a yoga class.   She completed her 200 hour certification and is a Yoga Alliance registered instructor.

Katie Bratslavsky, 200 RYT


Katie was introduced to the physical aspect of yoga when she was a child. She became more dedicated to her practice and started learning the fundamentals and spiritual side of yoga in her early twenties. After living abroad for two years, she returned and enrolled in a Yoga Alliance teacher training program to deepen her own practice. Once she started instructing classes, she knew right away that instructing yoga was a meaningful way to connect to, impact, and empower others.  Although the training program focused on hatha yoga, Katie’s teaching style draws upon different variations of yoga from Kundalini to Yin. 

Katie has used her own practice to stay grounded and steadfast while facing challenging times, and her practice has undoubtedly benefitted her in a multitude of ways. She is grateful for her own practice and is honored to instruct others.

Brittney Mihalich, 200 RYT


Brittney finds that the most fulfilling practice does not mirror one’s daily schedule and interests, yet rather serves as a complement to these. As an avid runner, high school teacher, and mother of two young boys, she cultivates a practice that not only slows the clock down, but also builds strength where energy has been expended. When Brittney began practicing yoga more than fifteen years ago, she craved the opposite: there was energy to burn and ample spare time that a carefree teenager claims not to have. As her needs have changed, so has her physical and spiritual development as both a student and a teacher. She has learned to appreciate the subtleties of a simple asana and the cohesion of a series that has been mindfully constructed from first to last breath. Brittney brings this to her classes and encourages her students to adopt a practice that complements the multi-tasking lifestyle that too many take on.


Brittney is a certified RYT-200 through Yoga Alliance. She completed her training at Pure Prana in Northern Virginia under the direction of Natasha Hennessy in 2013. She holds a BA and an MA in English Literature, and is known to draw upon the classics for guided meditation.


Joanne DiPrisco, 500 RYT

A practitioner of yoga for more than 20 years, Joanne began yoga to increase her flexibility and prevent injury in order to enhance her other workouts, such as Spinning and weight training.    What she found is that Yoga not only benefited her physical body but also had a tremendous impact on her emotional and spiritual well being.  Through the years, she found that Yoga is a more sustainable and adaptable practice than all the other previous types of exercise she engaged in and for that reason she decided to deepen her own practice as well as share her knowledge by becoming a yoga teacher.  Joanne recently completed her 500 hour yoga training at Sanctuary Power Yoga in Torrington.  She has also studied Reiki, Yin, and Restorative Yoga.  Joanne believes there is a philosophy of yoga out there for every body and strives to create a class where students of all abilities can connect breath with movement and heal their bodies, their minds and their spirits.

Wendy Haller, 200 RYT

Wendy completed her 200-hour training at Soul Space in Southington and has also received certifications in Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga.  In addition she also offers Reiki and Thai Yoga Massage.

Yoga has been a part of Wendy's life for over 20 years, and her practice has helped her heal physically, spiritually, and mentally in so many ways.  Because of her own journey, she aspires to be a vessel for yoga and share it with others.

Candacce Lecco, 200 RYT

Candace has always been interested in studying the human condition and connecting with nature through movement and meditation, but she only began a regular yoga asana practice in 2016. She fell in love with hot yoga and quickly entered teacher training to broaden her practice and learn from others’ experiences. Before yoga, she felt like her energy was almost always disconnected and erratic. Through yoga, she was able to experience breath and stillness in the midst of challenge and discomfort. She aspires to hold space for others to be open to different experiences and realize their power- physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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