Yoga is for everybody - no experience required. 

Live online Zoom classes weekly!!! 



You can keep your camera on or turn it off - whatever makes you most comfortable.  The live Zoom classes keep you engaged and Deb can guide you in learning the poses.

Yoga is the perfect combo with nutrition and can help you tune into your body - the physical and emotional signals our body sends us.  Classes are free to nutrition clients!!! 


Once you register for a class you will receive an email with the link to join class.  

Zoom Class Schedule

Tuesday 6:30 pm EST Gentle Flow


Friday 9:00 am EST All Levels Flow

Schedule subject to change - check availability for specific dates by booking a class below.


Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga - Tuesday nights 6:30 - 7:45 pm EST

Experience gentle yoga - a meditative practice integrating pranayama (breathwork) and classic asanas (postures) with relaxation techniques.  This is the perfect class for new students or those of us who need a little stress relief.  

All Levels - Friday mornings 9:00 - 10:00 am EST

An all levels flow class.  Perfect for beginners and more experienced yogis.  In this class we build some heat with Sun Salutations.  This is a great class for building strength and flexibility.  

Client Testimonial

"Deb is a wonderful, inspiring instructor and her classes leave me feeling both relaxed and recharged... Deb insures that each class is slightly different and challenging. I am so thankful for [Deb's classes]!"  

Recorded Classes Available on You Tube