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Hi, I am Deb, welcome to Roots! 

I believe in eating whole foods and supporting you to find a sustainable way to live, which makes you feel alive and well.  It is not about dieting or deprivation, but about abundance, health, and embracing wellness.


There is so much confusing nutrition information!


I want to teach you a way of eating for the rest of your life  - which makes you feel wonderful - not a short term plan, but a sustainable way of living that works for you. 


As we work together, you will learn the fundamentals of good nutrition and how to  apply these ideas to your own diet so you are empowered for life.   This is not one of those short term diet plans where you don't know what to do when you are done.  You will have all the tools and knowledge to stay healthy for the rest of your life.

I want you to feel good about yourself and your health.

Do you want to lose a few pounds and feel more energetic?


You can have more energy, maintain a healthy weight, and reduce your risk of chronic disease all while eating healthy and delicious foods.  

Do you want to be able to do all those activities you love without feeling tired and exhausted?

I have the experience and background to help you.  I am a licensed and board certified clinical nutritionist with a Master's degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health, completed a 1000 hour internship in a certified program, and passed the national exam by the Board of Certified Nutrition Specialists.


“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.” ~B.K.S. Iyengar.

Personalized nutrition and weight loss

Learn nutrition

Client Testimonials: 


"Deb is my nutritionist. She made me feel so comfortable and heard during the intake meeting, and offered so much support as I incorporated her suggestions. The changes we made had the desired effect: I reduced the medication I take for my allergies, feel less anxiety, and shed a few pounds."  


"Deb has so much knowledge and experience. I highly recommend."          

Nutrition Care Process

 Complimentary Discovery Call

A 15 minute nutrition strategy session to talk about your health goals and next steps for your personal, sustainable wellness journey. 


Review of diet, lifestyle, and health history. Your concerns will be heard and you will get a customized plan for achieving your health goals.


You will receive a personal plan for diet, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle to meet your goals and sustain your health long term.


Regular checks-ins ensure you get support and guidance in adopting your new sustainable way of living, which will help you feel alive and energetic for the rest of your life.  


Note:  Appointments can be in person at Roots Yoga and Nutrition or online via Root's secure videochat platform.

Nutrition Packages

"If you truly get in touch with a piece of carrot, you get in touch with the soil, the rain, the sunshine.  You get in touch with Mother Earth and eating in such a way, you feel in touch with true life, your roots, and that is meditation." ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Payment & Insurance


Payment: I accept all major credit cards and checks. Payment is required following the consultation. I also accept FSA (Flex Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) cards.


Insurance: I do not accept insurance at this time. I can provide a receipt (superbill) for you that you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.  

(860) 371-5881

2 Tunxis Road, Tariffville, CT

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