All you need to be well  for life

At Roots Yoga and Nutrition we seek to provide you with the tools to live life to the fullest by helping you feel like the best you.

Roots Yoga and Nutrition supports your personal sustainable wellness journey with yoga, healing arts, and clinical nutrition services.  It is about helping you adopt a lifestyle that makes you feel energetic and good about yourself - not a short term plan, but a sustainable way of life that works for you.  

Welcome!!! I am so glad you found us. 

I am Deb Orosz and I am excited to help you learn how to use yoga and nutrition for your health and wellness.


Do you feel confused about what to eat?

Want to maintain a healthy weight and eat delicious nutritious foods?

Are you ready to take care of yourself and give yourself the support you need?

There is so much misleading information and our lives are so busy it is hard to find the time to eat right.  I get it.  I used to be a busy, stressed out corporate exec, raising three kids as a single mom!  Trust me, I have tons of strategies to help you in your wellness journey.  


I love to help my clients learn about nutrition and adopt a sustainable nutrition plan that makes them feel alive and empowered in their own health and wellness.  I want to see you smile and feel good about yourself.

I am a licensed clinical nutritionist and I offer nutrition consultations and workshops.  I see clients nationwide for one on one nutrition consultations online and in-person. No worries about having to fit appointments into your already hectic schedule - we can meet online whenever and wherever you are available. 


I would love to help you with weight loss, to regain energy, and prevent chronic disease.  I will stay with you step by step as you adopt a personalized wellness plan and I will provide ongoing support and encouragement to help you meet your goals. You got this!





Nutrition Testimonial:


"I am so grateful to have connected with Deb Orosz for nutrition! I have always eaten healthy foods, but I learned that I really had no concept of how to balance my macronutrients.......I didn't feel pushed into a strict regimen, but enlightened as to changes that have been really effective."

Personalized Nutrition

Are you curious about yoga but feel afraid to try it?

It can be scary to start something new.  No worries though.  Our studio is small and welcoming.  We have students of all abilities and you will feel at ease as soon as you enter the door. 

We have all the equipment you need - just bring yourself and enjoy.  No need to be flexible at all.  Yoga is about being at peace with your body wherever it is at.  

I love yoga for the way it puts my mind at ease and the physical benefits are just a plus.  I have been practicing yoga for over twenty years and can personally attest to the life changing ability of yoga.


At Roots Yoga and Nutrition,  yoga classes are varied and perfect for all levels; from relaxing and restorative yin to more vigorous flow classes.  The studio space is  peaceful and tranquil.   The perfect setting for yoga classes, private yoga instruction, and workshops. 


Our small classes and personalized instruction leave you feeling relaxed, empowered, and rejuvenated.  All levels are encouraged and drop ins are welcome. 



Yoga Testimonials:


"Really glad I found this yoga studio. The instructors are clearly very passionate and you can feel it in their practice. I have never felt so relaxed and calm after my yoga class."

"Roots Yoga and Nutrition is an amazing place of peace, comfort and healing. From the moment I began practicing with Deb four years ago, I knew that I was in skillful, caring and compassionate hands."

Yoga Classes and Workshops

Want to get started now?  My blog is loaded with helpful tips on nutrition and yoga. 



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