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Testimonial: "Deb is a wonderful, inspiring instructor and her classes leave me feeling both relaxed and recharged... Deb insures that each class is slightly different and challenging. I am so thankful for this studio!"  

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Online Zoom schedule:


Monday 6:30 pm  All Levels Flow 

Tuesday 6:30 pm  Gentle Flow

Wednesday 6:00 pm All Levels Flow

Friday 9:00 am All Levels Flow

Saturday 9:00 am All Levels Flow

Sunday 10:00 am Restorative Yin Yoga 


All Levels - Monday nights 6:30-7:30 pm 

Understanding and assisting practitioners maintain anatomical integrity during poses and vinyasas optimizes the practice as well as prevents injury. Pranayama (breath work) is another key component in her classes, which helps yogis increase a calm awareness. The movements and poses coupled with breathwork and meditation creates conducive conditions to foster mindfulness and intentional living off the mat.

Gentle Yoga & Aromatherapy - Tuesday nights 6:30 pm 

Experience gentle yoga - a meditative practice integrating pranayama (breathwork) and classic asanas (postures) with relaxation techniques - while natural essential oils (aromatic plant extracts) are lightly diffused into the air around you.  For beginners and seasoned students alike.

Flow Yoga - Wednesday nights 6:00 pm

This class is a flowing yoga practice to move energy throughout your body and deepen your breath allowing a state of relaxation and peace.   Class starts with a reading from the Yoga Sutras.  Breathwork helps to bring the mind to rest and prepare the body for yoga postures.

All Levels - Friday mornings 9:00 am

An all levels flow class.  Perfect for beginners and more experienced yogis.  Alternatives and alignment suggestions will be offered.    

Vinyasa Flow - Saturday mornings 9:00 am

A great way to start your weekend off right.  This practice will be a flowing practice with shorter holds in poses.  The session will leave you energized, alive, and relaxed.  Options will be offered to customize the practice for all levels.

Gentle Yin Yoga - Sunday mornings10:00 am

A gentle class with restorative postures to end the weekend. The focus here is on connecting your body and mind to leave you feeling centered and relaxed.  Breathwork and longer holds in gentle poses help open the body and ease tension.

All yoga classes are 1.25 hours (unless otherwise indicated) to allow time to end with a good relaxation.


 Yoga Class Descriptions

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